The Ins and Outs of Buying a Toughbook


If you are responsible for getting the technical tools your workers need, you know how expensive computer equipment can be. Losing just one laptop can cost about $47,000 in support, downtime, and management time. This is the reason many business owners and managers are looking at Toughbook laptop computers for sale. If that describes you, here are some things you can do to get the right one.

First, it is important to decide what kind of durable notebook computer you want for your employees. There are more options than you may think. You can get tablets, laptops, and mobile data entry terminals. Of course, this all depends on your needs. In the long run, buying semi rugged or fully rugged Panasonic Toughbooks will save you money in the long run.

  1. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you go out looking to look at Toughbook laptop computers for sale:
    • Keep your software requirements in mind. No computer does you any good if it cannot handle the apps you need to do your business. Make sure you understand everything your software packages you use.
    • Get enough processing ability and storage space. These are some of the most important things you need to know when you start looking at Toughbook laptop computers for sale. You need enough RAM and a large enough hard drive. The latter is less important if you use the cloud for storage.
    • Get the right operating system. There are a number of software packages that require Linux. A computer with the wrong operating system is worthless to you.
  2. Think about what add-ons you made need in the future. If you think you may want to add the ability to add some special hardware to your system if you have gotten more RAM and hard drive space when you look Toughbook laptop computers for sale, you will be in good shape to upgrade your peripherals as you need or want to.
  3. Think about what your workers will do with their Toughbook. Will your workers mostly type on their computer? Will they capture signatures? Here are some things to think about talking about Toughbook laptop computers for sale.
    • Fully rugged Toughbooks are great if you plan to mount it in a car or truck.
    • Convertible tablets are great if you need to capture signatures.
    • Laptops are better than tablets for anyone who does a lot of typing.
    • Touchscreens work well if you are going to be integrating lights.
    • If the computer will be used in extreme temperatures or altitudes, you will need fully rugged Toughbooks.
  4. Consider the length of time you need it to last. When you are looking at Toughbook laptop computers for sale, it may seem like they could last forever if they are properly looked after. Unfortunately, that is not the case. If you know you are going to need your laptops or tablets to last for a certain amount of time, you should bring that up when you are doing your shopping. If you are making upgrades for computers that are decades old, you may want your laptops to last a similar amount of time.
  5. Do not pay more than you have to. Of course, that is advice for anything you want to buy. Now, when you are looking at Toughbook laptop computers for sale, you know the price tag may be larger than with other laptops and tablets, you will save a lot in terms of downtime from problems, support, and repairs so that needs to be factored into any cost calculations you do.
  6. Used Toughbooks work well, too. There is often a thought that if you are looking at refurbished Toughbook laptop computers for sale, these do not work as well as new ones. When the refurbishing job is done, the machine is made to be as they were when they were new.

Getting the right computer for your workers to use can take some time and efforts. There are a lot of reasons to go looking at Toughbook laptop computers for sale. They work great in extreme temperatures, can handle a lot of peripherals, and can last a very long time.

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