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Making Use of Durabl Laptops at Work


It is safe to say that computers have become standard in most industries, and many modern American workers will end up using one at least occasionally during their work. Such computers can do a lot for an employee who uses one. Store associates may browse online catalogs and look up information for a customer, and tablets may have credit/debit card readers plugged in, allowing them to act as mobile cash registers. In yet other cases, computers will be used to monitor and control hardware in a building or even robots, and computers may also be used to update logs and data storage as needed. Someone working in a pharmaceutical lab may use a tablet to carefully track all stages of research and production, a part of good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Meanwhile, some work places call for more durable laptops and computer tablets than one may find in a cell phone store or a pharma lab, and these durable laptops are essential to buy and use. A durable notebook computer or a fully rugged tablet can survive trauma that may occur at the work site, while less durable laptops and tablets may be broken and cease to function. No workers or manager can easily afford to have their hardware getting damaged, to semi-rugged and durable laptops may be put to use. Fully rugged Panasonic (and other brand) laptops and tablets can endure even more. What sort of work environments call for durable laptops or rugged computer tablets?

On Tablets and Laptops

Laptops have been in use since the 1970s, although today’s models are certainly lighter and more powerful than the ones found in decades past. And there are plenty of them to be found in the world today, used for both business and private leisure. It is estimated that around1 1.43 billion tablet users can be found around the world, and many people own laptops, too. It is believed that fully half of the world’s population makes constant use of the Internet, even millions of people in developing parts of the world. In North America, Europe, and Asian nations such as South Korea and Japan, a person can’t take three steps without having a computer nearby. Some computers are those found in cars or other electronics, rather than laptops. It’s a fully wired world.

It should be noted, though, that while regular laptops and computer tablets are powerful and useful, they are also fragile. Such computers may malfunction or break entirely if they are damaged, such as being dropped or having heavy items fall on them or hit them. Extremes of heat or cold may also damage them, and materials such as sand, dirt, water, and more may get into them and disrupt their function. At a work place, this is unacceptable, since it may cost a lot of money and time to replace or repair a computer and make up for the lost productivity. To avoid such losses, a workplace may use durable laptops and rugged tablets.

A factory or a construction site may be where such tough computers are found, and those tablets and laptops are designed to endure sudden extremes of heat or cold and exposure to the elements. Such computers may have shock absorb technology in them to reduce the trauma of being dropped or struck against something, and such computers might even resist exposure to intruding materials such as water or sand. Another place to use such computers is the outdoors, when park rangers are using laptops and tablets to update logs. Such laptops or tablets might be accidentally dropped down a sloped hill or get rained on, for example, or dropped if the park ranger trips.

The military is another place for these tough computers. Robotic drones, both on land and in the air, may have human operators out on the field who use laptops and tablets to control them. Such computers may be exposed to heat, cold, sand, water, or dirt. What is more, a sudden explosion or other trauma may send that computer flying, and it must be able to survive impact. This is critical so that a drone or robot on the field may continue to be controlled and operated without disruption.

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