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How Service Dispatching Software Can Turn Your Company Around


Field service management software

If you run a service-based business, whether it’s a landscaping and lawn company, a pest control service, or a plumbing business, you know that the defining quality of your business, the one thing that decides whether or not it’s successful, is the quality of work you offer. Consider the American landscaping industry: According to IBIS World, the American landscaping industry is worth an estimated $74 billion and employs nearly 890,000 people in 401,000 companies. Other service industries, from plumbing to HVAC, are equally saturated. The only way to compete in crowded markets is to make the services you offer better than all the rest.

Admittedly, your ability to do so will largely depend on your skill in your chosen vocation. However, technology has reached a point where it can augment your skill with powerful tools for increasing customer service, reducing your costs, and making yours a better business overall. Field service management software, which includes scheduling software, service dispatching software, and work order software, can streamline your business and make it much more competitive.

How Field Service Management Software Can Improve Your Business

  • Mobile Connectivity Means Improved Business Agility
  • Field dispatching software and other field service tools can be linked with iPhones, iPads, and other modern mobile devices. When a new appointment is made with your company and entered into the system, the field dispatching software will update your service employees, wherever they are. This helps to ensure that all of your appointments are kept and that your customers feel appreciated. Consider, 89% of customers will walk away from your business after one bad experience, according to the RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report. With this increased business agility, you can help to guarantee great customer service.

  • Service Scheduling Software Leads to Attentive Service
  • Service dispatching software and scheduling software gives time-dependent services an easier way to stay on top of a service schedule. Take landscaping and lawn service, for example. recommends that a lawn be mowed once a week, for best results, or two weeks if absolutely necessary. Service dispatching software and scheduling software can automatically update your employees when it’s time to make another appointment.

  • Service Dispatching Software Takes the Place of Costly Employees
  • For many, the biggest benefit of using service dispatching software is that it eliminates the need for a dedicated dispatch employee. The average service dispatcher, according to, will cost your business $33,000 a year, and that’s just considering their salary. Service dispatching software can do everything a dedicated employee can do, but it can do so without the hefty price-tag.

If you’re looking for a way to trim the fat from your business, improve customer service, and offer better services overall, field service software may be just the thing to help you do so. Find out more here.

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