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Why Companies Must Focus on the Latest Web Design Trends


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When it comes to website optimization, did you know that approximately 80% prioritize over all conversion? Well, that is a statistic that can be attributed to research conducted by a group called MarketingSherpa, which is apparently named after the regional natives guides who accompany mountain climbers who dare test their mettle on the slopes of Mount Everest, K2, or Kangchenjunga. Guides to assist clients to ascend to the loftiest peaks of the online marketing mountain? Pretty clever.

Actually, the implied analogy between online marketing and mountain climbing is rather appropriate, because developing and implementing a successful internet marketing campaign can seem like a steep, steep uphill climb against the wind without the help of the best web designers.

Considering all the talk about social media, mobile commerce, and content management system development, it is easy for today’s ambitious companies to get ahead of themselves when it comes to developing an effective online marketing plan. Before companies can put their innovative marketing strategies in motion, they must first address web design and hosting. After all, it will be difficult to run a successful online marketing campaign without considering the most recent web design trends.

As the number of business transaction are completed online with increasing frequency, company websites have pretty much become the faces of their businesses. As such, if a business fails to keep up with the latest web design trends they are going to lose business. While most websites take nearly eight seconds to load completely, being like “most companies” isn’t good enough. Because few web users are going to have the patients to wait more than than three seconds for your antiquated website to load.

If we could go back to about 1999 it would be enough for businesses just to have a website. Unfortunately for them, too many companies still seem to have this mentality. The bottom line it is impossible to embark on a successful online marketing campaign without web design that exhibits state-of-the-art technology.

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