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How to Start Your Own Cyber Security Assessment in 3 Steps


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Technologies like cloud computing and VOIP phone solutions are a godsend to the modern business owner, allowing information to be shared, found, and utilized much more quickly than back in the days of filing cabinets and fountain pens.

But with that great accessibility comes, of course, great risks. A study in 2013 reported that an average 82,000 malware threats were released every day. The more dependent we become on our technology, the more risk we face in the event of a network disaster.

The first step in protecting your business comes with knowing and understanding your risks and weaknesses with a cyber security assessment. Many IT support companies offer this service, but in order to speed up the process and ensure that everything gets covered, there are a few preparatory measures you can take now.

Step 1: Find the Information. Every company is different in terms of how much and what kinds of information they routinely keep on file that could cause a threat if it were to be lost, stolen, or hacked. Most everyone has their employee’s social security information on hand. Health services may have sensitive patient information. Retailers may have back catalogs of customer payment information. All of these fields may require separate cyber security assessments for safekeeping.

Step 2: Prioritize. Take a look now at the information you’ve gathered. If something were to happen to your network, what items could be easily retrieved offline? What items are irreplaceable? Which ones could cause serious damage if placed in the wrong hands? This will help you determine what you need for cyber protection in terms of added security or back-up systems.

Step 3: Plan. If you have a preliminary network disaster recovery plan in mind before the IT cyber security assessment team arrives, they’ll have a better understanding of your goals and demands. That way, you can work together to create the most effective solution for the safety of your workers, clients, and business itself.

Before you get too wrapped up in technology, remember the ways it can backfire unexpectedly. Always go into a new information plan with a backup plan, and a backup to your backup.

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