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How Lead Generation Fits Into Integrated Marketing


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A business cannot grow without acquiring more customers. As more people turn to the internet to make their purchases of products and services, it would be unwise for any business to not refine their online presence. The process begins with drawing the customer in with lead generation, then providing them reasons why your company is the best, which is not complete with testimonials of course. Perhaps most importantly, it must be incredibly simple and straightforward for the customer to give you their information.

Lead Generation Is Crucial (If It Provides Quality Leads to Pursue).

For a lead to be successful, it must be connected to a potential customer. Lead generation is no good if it brings in many site visitors who quickly leave. Good SEO services will carefully cultivate the right keywords to maximize search engine marketing. This marketing technique has a 14.6 success rate compared to the traditional method of print and mail advertisements, which can only boast a 1.7% close rate. But even the most precise search engine marketing strategies are only one piece of the pie that draws customers to a website. To keep the customer, and encourage them to provide information or make a purchase, it takes a well designed website, an effective call-to-action (CTA), and possibly testimonials or seals of approval.

It Is Not Enough to Have a Nice Website. You Need a Good Mobile Site As Well.

How important do you think the load time of a website is to the customer? Interestingly, a slow loading website, especially on a mobile phone, is considered an indicator of how much a company cares about the customer experience. For example, about 48% of mobile users will exit a site that has trouble loading, and will actually think less of that business in future dealings, usually manifesting by seeking other companies out instead. A good website will have a visually appealing layout, with complimentary colors, easy to read text, and a menu that is simple to navigate. For lead generation, the website will also include CTAs, post forms on most pages, and testimonials or a rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Make It As Easy As Possible For the Customer to Connect.

Before you begin to make strides with lead generation, it is important to identify the end goal. Do you want the customer’s email address to send them e-newsletters? Or would you like them to call a number to set up an appointment? Knowing the end goal will help when deciding the layout of the website and navigation key. For example, a website that sends out weekly newsletters will want to ask for the visitor’s email upfront, and then have an easy to view text box that allows the visitor to input their email information if they did not already do so.

The customer may be initially wary. It is the website’s job to reassure the customer that they have come to the right place. As stated earlier, customer’s prefer to do business with a company that pays attention to every detail, especially the mobile version of their company website. About 62% of companies that do have a well designed dedicated mobile site have actually seen an increase in sales. From lead generation to website to CTA, the process of bringing in more customers must be well-thought out at every step of the way.

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