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SEO Is the Key to Increasing Your Business Potential


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Ever since the Internet came into existence as a virtual real estate platform, businesses and individuals alike have wanted to do whatever they can to be found quickly and easily by people searching for their industry. As the years have gone by, getting found on the internet has become paramount. If your business doesn’t turn up on the search results, you might as well not even have a website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the business of working with the search engines of the Internet to optimize a website’s ranking. When someone searches for a particular subject, business type, article or just about any type of category, the search engine through its algorithms will rank the web pages that are found for that particular search. The highest ranked pages will appear from the top of the search results page downward. Often there are so many results that it might take a number of pages to list all of the results.

A professional SEO company is one that specializes in SEO. They are the experts when it comes to ranking your company’s website and bringing more business your way. Search engine optimization services focus on content, keeping it fresh and frequent and targeted to your future customers.

When a customer logs onto the Internet to search for something they need, they turn to one of a few search engines; perhaps that might turn to more than one engine, thinking that their search will be more comprehensive. In fact, 93% of all online actions involve a search engine of some kind. Of the search engines available to online searchers, Google is perhaps the most popular. It maintains roughly 65 to 70% of the market share and has become so widely used that the name of the company has become a verb in the American and worldwide vernacular. If you need to find out about something, you “google it.”

Once you have entered a word or phrase into the search engine, results will be displayed on your computer screen. Companies that pay to have their websites come up for certain words or phrases may have chosen to buy ads that will be displayed with the results. The results that are displayed without having been placed as ads are called organic search engine results. It is these type of results that appeal most to business who are employing a professional SEO company. Nearly 70 to 80 % of searchers will skip the paid ads and go directly to the organically produced results.

Part of what makes a professional SEO company such a powerful partner for your business is content creation. As the years pass and the Internet continues to grow, storing, retrieving, and displaying all of the information that is available to the world can be more challenging. However, the main focus of the search engines is producing relevant content as it relates to the search being made. If you want your company’s online presence to remain relevant, then you need to keep your content creation relevant. Over three-quarters of marketers site content creation as a major part of their marketing platform.

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