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Signs of a Great Digital Marketing Agency


Searching for a quality digital marketing agency can seem like an overwhelming prospect. A simple search will tell you that there is no shortage of businesses offering marketing services. When searching for the appropriate company for your needs, the first step is to isolate the best marketing agencies. These two qualities are shared by the best digital marketing agencies and should help you narrow your search.

  1. High Quality Website Design: Every digital marketer should know the importance of a website to a business. So, a digital marketing agency should be using their own website not only to draw in new customers, but as a testament to those customers of their skill. The firm’s website should be regularly maintained and demonstrate an understanding of inbound marketing practices and strategy. These include:
    • No broken links or loading errors: The bounce rate of a website increases by 50% if that site takes an extra two second to load, proof that users are not patient with technical errors. Good website design must include functionality.
    • Responsive Website Design: If you have a website that cannot be effectively on mobile devices, there is little point to having a website at all. Currently, 80% of internet users are smartphone owners, and 82% of individuals considering a purchase will use their phones before settling on a purchase decision. Any digital marketing agency that does not factor these statistics into their own marketing efforts is not worth your attention.
    • Intuitive Website Design: When you first inspect a company’s website, you should be able to navigate through that site without devoting much thought to locating the information you need. The layout should place site elements where users expect, reducing any potential frustration or confusion in the individuals a company hopes to convert to customers. Of all those that visit a website, 97.65% will never become customers, so a good marketing agency will know better than to lower their own odds with a confusing website.
  2. A Strong Team: The next element that can effectively eliminate some agencies is the team that agency employs. Look at the website again, but this time for the team you will potentially trust with your marketing. There are several points to keep in mind in this area:
    • Pride of Place: If an agency has team members they are proud to employ, you will see their pictures and information on the website.
    • Owner Involvement: This one is not universal, but a good agency usually has a closely-involved founder.
    • Diverse Skills: An agency should have someone devoted to distinct fields within the digital marketing industry.

There are no universal elements to businesses. However, high quality digital marketing companies do share two traits, a great website and a strong team. These two factors will help you isolate the right firm for you.

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