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When it comes to your website, the most important thing is getting noticed in the sea of other sites against which you and you company is competing. It can seem hopeless, but don’t fear! There are tools and experts out there that have mastered the digital landscape and are ready and willing to help ypu get ahead.

One way to boost your ratings when it comes to search results (after all, 75% of users ever even scroll past the first page of search results), is through SEO, or search engine optimization, which uses organic methods to send more links straight to your page. SEO experts use all kinds of internet marketing methods, including blogging, which can increase web traffic by 55% for brands.

There are plenty of other methods to optimize your digital platform! Check out these tips and tricks to make sure your site is doing the best work it can:

Mobile Compatibility
It is so extremely important that your site be compatible with mobile devices like smart phones, as more and more people are using their phones to search for results. It may have other good results for your company, since according to some studies, 50% of all mobile searches are done with the hope of finding local results, and 61% of those searches end in a purchase. Keep in mind that 40% of people will abandon a web page if it take three or more seconds to load, and the same goes for those sites when viewed from a mobile device.

Great Web Design
The aesthetics appeal and usability of your site is also extremity influential. Not only is it important to be creative and innovative the way you present your information, but you must be clear, concise, and present an easy to use platform. Consulting web design experts for this aspect of business betterment is truly vital. They know the latest in design trends, principles and relevant news.

Social Media
As social media takes over our social lives, it also is creeping into our professional ones. Indeed, social media presents a unique and powerful advertising tool. Companies who have a social media presence get their name out there simply sell more — 5% of marketers have generated a customer from Twitter. Social media sites and blogs now officially account for 23% of all time spent online.

Contact local SEO and web design experts to maximize the power of your website! Find out more about this topic here.

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