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4 Reasons Small Businesses are Switching to Cloud Computing


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Why should small businesses consider the advantages of cloud computing? There?s a few reasons. Cloud computing can be an absolute boon for the small-business owners that invest in it, and according to Entrepreneur, a full 37% of small businesses are now using cloud. That still leaves the majority of businesses relying on clunky and outdated methods, though. So what exactly are the advantages of cloud computing? Here?s what you need to know.

1. Cloud Brokerage Services Provide Lower Costs

There are significant cost savings associated with cloud. Cloud computing means that companies only need to pay for what they?re using, and can more easily scale up or down operations depending on the flux of their business. This means less rack space and power usage, while still retaining IT assistance and support, et cetera.

2. Better Flexibility

Cloud data is stored separate from a work location. Because of this, it does not require a set access place; instead, the data is accessed using the internet. This means that there is a lot more flexibility, allowing for remote workers/working outside the office in other capacities. Cloud services brokerages can help you save costs on overhead by enabling work-from-home programs.

3. Less Risk

What happens if your office flooded — are you able to sustain operations or do you need to shut down? Will your data be jeopardized? Cloud services allow for data to be stored in a remote location. That way, when accidents happen to your small business — and they?ll happen more often than you think — you won?t have to suspend operations indefinitely, or even shut down owing to the ramifications this has on your daily operations. Cloud mitigates the risk of keeping all your information in one place.

4. Low Barrier to Entry

Most businesses — especially small businesses and startups — are interested in experimenting and trying out new things. Normally, starting up a new branch of a company requires a fair amount of resources and investment. Sometimes the cost of simply trying can be so high that it discourages operations. Cloud communications, though, can make it possible to scale up and down depending on the specific needs of any new operations.

There’s more than just four benefits to cloud brokerage services, but these are some of the reasons it makes sense for small businesses to adapt. What could it mean for your company? There’s only one way to find out. Continue your research here. Read more blogs like this.

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