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For many, the cloud is a mystery, and it has been that way since the start. But now, there is the advantage of having people such as cloud consultants in addition to cloud broker services. You no longer have to muddle through without getting the help you need, which takes much of the pressure off of investing in the cloud.

  • Just by using a cloud computing model for IT services, the government will reduce their data center infrastructure spending by about 30%.
  • The global market for cloud equipment will reach about $79.1 billion by 2018 according to predictions.
  • Cloud storage is used by about 59% of large enterprises thanks to improvements in the integration between development and operations. Another 59% are using it to share data across applications seamlessly.
  • In 2016, spending on the public cloud will increase from $40 billion in 2012 to $100 billion according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).
  • Almost half of those who responded to a recent survey say they plan on adopting hybrid cloud systems and services in the near future.
  • A growing demand for government cloud security is playing a major role in the industry’s future and its market will likely reach $8.71 billion in 2019.
  • Another survey showed that when shopping for cloud consultants and providers the factors included: reliability (43%),cost (28%), and ability to integrate with existing infrastructure (27%).
  • Over half of responding organizations say they have or will update their cloud services in the next month.
  • About 60% of companies use the public cloud, 57% use the private cloud, and 19% use hybrid cloud services.
  • Most (70%) of CIO or top IT executives say they are involved in the cloud purchase process.
  • About 80% have or will create a governance policy for their cloud use.
  • About 49% of companies are now developing IT security talent/increase training investments for the cloud within their own teams.
  • Research has shown than 35% of IT services are now delivered at least partially by cloud.

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