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PPC Advertising Why You’re One Click Away From Success


Pay per click help

If you’re looking to get your business out there in the world and feel frustrated with your marketing efforts so far, you may want to consider using pay per click services. Although you have to pay for it, this kind of advertising can get your business really out there and boost it in search engine rankings, which is crucial to having your products or services discovered. Over 90% of Internet visits have a search engine as their starting point. Why not have that visit include a trip to your website? Even if you have a physical store location, this kind of advertising can be useful; between 65-70% of customers have checked out a physical store’s location after seeing an ad about it online.
What Is Pay Per Click?
Pay per click is often abbreviated as PPC and is simply a business model where businesses pay a third party (usually a website) to publish advertisements that direct Internet traffic over to their website. For every click on the ad, the publisher receives money from the business. (This can also be a great way to earn money if you have a personal website, like a blog and don’t mind ads!)
How Pay Per Click Works
If you hire a pay per click management company to help boost your traffic, PPC experts will conduct PPC keyword research. This PPC keyword research ensures that the ads are specifically targeted to consumers and up your chances of having your ad clicked on. The more clicks your ad gets, the better quality it becomes and also receives better placement. This is the goal of conducting PPC keyword research — to ensure that your ad receives more clicks. Depending on your website, there can also be different pay per click models — from flate rate PPC, where the business and publisher of the content agree on a certain amount to be paid per click to a bidding rate PPC where advertisers compete against each other for the amount every time a customer clicks on the link.
What Are The Benefits Of Using Pay Per Click?
The numbers show that it works. Out of retailers who were surveyed, 85% reported that search marketing, like pay per click, was one of the best ways to increase their customer base. Furthermore, almost 20% of brand marketers said they wanted to increase their paid search investments in the next year — proof that they’re sitting up and taking notice of what’s working. Finally, the Interactive Advertising Bureau put out a report in 2014, stating that search ads contributed over $9 billion in Internet advertising revenue in only the first half of 2014.
PPC itself can see a return of 300% and even more in some cases. This number could be even greater as cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices continue to increase in mainstream popularity. More people can access the Internet at any given time or place now, which means more potential customers. Indeed, it’s predicted that by the end of 2015, mobile searches will be responsible for 50% of PPC clicks.

Using PPC can be a good way to reach more customers quickly, if you don’t mind spending the money to do so. It’s still less expensive that traditional marketing methods and is worth a shot!

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