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How to Optimize a Website; The Three Most Important Parts


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With modern technology has come better and more effective ways to advertise one?s business, specifically in the form of marketing a new website. Indeed, having a web site and insuring its user friendly layout can be a surefire way to bring in new clients. Knowing where and how to find good website design tips, however, can be a of a challenge. Cracking the code of internet marketing doesn?t just end there, as there is a whole plethora of ways to advertise, and more risks of amateur pitfalls. The following expands a bit more on effective ways of internet marketing as well as insights to hopefully avoid failure.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a relatively new concept also known as SEO. In the process of figuring out what is SEO in the first place, one might also be curious as to just how effective it is in the long run. More than half, that is, 57% of B2B marketers say that SEO makes the biggest impact on their lead generation goals. What?s more, 82% of consumers use search engines to learn further information about small businesses. As such, it?s easy to conclude that SEO marketing is just as important as following good website design tips. There are many simple ways to improve website SEO and thusly bring more awareness of your cause or business. For one, unique localized page content such as reviews or directions can bring increased Google rank. Frequent and timley blogging is also an effective method of keeping relevant and present on search engine rankings.

Web Design

Perhaps it comes as common sense to some, but an aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate web site design can go a long way to boosting online presence. The different areas of web design include graphic design, authoring standardized code and proprietary software, search engine optimization, user experience design and interface design, all of which are integral parts of the design?s effect on the user. As already stated briefly, the important parts of responsive web design are an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation, and a minimum of having to change resolution or scrolling style on different devices. This standardization marks a significant shift that will continue to define web design for the foreseeable future, something that users and customers value.

Mobile Friendly

It?s hardly a secret that mobile internet browsing is a popular trend; half of all mobile users in the U.S. have a smart phone and 10% of internet traffic occurs on mobile devices. Furthermore, 61% of users that visited a mobile unfriendly site were likely to get immediately frustrated and try the site of a competitor. For these reasons we can conclude that making one?s site mobile friendly and accessible is just as important to one?s internet presence as any of the good website design tips.

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