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Tips and Tricks for Building a Good, Professional Website


Mobile website design tips

In today’s technologically-centered society, one must learn how to successfully market their business both in person and online in order to truly succeed. If you don’t already have a website for your business, you should definitely make one.
Marketing a new website can be both a fun and challenging experience. Learning how to improve website traffic is one of the most crucial elements of effectively marketing a new website. Read on for more website marketing tips and tricks.

Learning how to Optimize a Website:

  • Research shows that approximately 57 % of businesses have reported gaining a new customer through their own company blog. Making sure that your company blog or website is both up to date and visually appealing is a great way to gain business and to build your brand up.
  • One of the biggest tips for marketing a new website is creating a mobile friendly web design. Research indicates that of all cell phone users in the United States utilize some kind of smart phone. With mobile Internet at their fingertips, users want to be able to have access to mobile friendly websites. If your company site isn’t able to be accessed on a smartphone, then you can really lose out on people seeing your site.
  • Another key tip for how to improve website performance is simply to post frequently. This is an especially important tool for smaller businesses, allowing you to increase interaction with your customers and helping you to rise in Google’s algorithms that determine the top search results. Keeping your blog or webpage up to date is key in keeping — and getting — business.
  • Another way to increase traffic to your page is by utilizing search engine optimization techniques. Commonly referred to as SEO, search engine optimization involves incorporating popular search phrases into your blog or website’s content in order to rise through search engine algorithms. See what kind of things people are searching for one your preferred search engine and think about gearing some of your content toward those topics.
  • If you find yourself getting overwhelmed by all of this information, take a deep breath and start slow with the basics. Find a platform you feel comfortable using and pick a layout that you feel reflects your brand. Include information like your hours, address, contact information etc. The simplest websites are often the best; people don’t want to be bombarded with too much text or too many ads.

Have you ever had experience trying to market a new website for your business? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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