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Industrial CT Scanning Has Many Applications


Non destructive testing

CT scanning has many applications besides the medical ones familiar to most people. One of its most recent applications is to use industrial x-ray equipment for industrial parts inspections. This service improves on earlier technology which was slower, and sometimes risked destroyed the part to be scanned in order to capture internal features. Industrial CT scanning also improves the accuracy of capturing internal part data.

Industrial CT scanning has a wide range of applications

These services have applications in a number of industries and scientific fields, including aerospace, archeology, automotive, consumer products, defense, energy and electricity, engineering, forensics, geology and medicine. Industrial x-ray services include ct scanning services, 2D X-Ray and Digital Radiography, 3D X-Ray and Realtime Radiography, and 3D imaging of internal features.

Some uses of industrial ct scanning for inspection are:

  • Preproduction Inspection
  • Production Inspection
  • Lots Inspection of suspect parts
  • Overcapacity inspection for companies that have CT systems in house
  • Failure Inspection
  • Advantages of industrial x-ray equipment for inspections

    The industrial CT scanning process is faster and more accurate than the methods currently used. It reduces the costs for new product inspection and failure analysis by 25% and 75% respectively as compared to costs of using existing technology. This is because industrial CT technology has progressed very fast and speeds up imaging processes. With early models, CT scans could take hours to generate just a few single CT slices. But the technology available now can create 3D models with billions of voxels in a matter of seconds.

    Digital and computer radiology take only a fraction of the time needed for processing chemical plates. The new technology makes possible new applications like 3D reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 3D metrology and more. The technology is constantly evolving and being refined. A company that is on the cutting edge of innovation will be able to custom design the best processes for each application.

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