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New Report Predicts Growing Demand for Pharmaceutical Packaging


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To ship their products safely around the world, many industries rely on bulk packaging to protect items and assure consumers of their quality and safety. This is especially true for pharmaceutical companies, who often rely on different packaging methods and container closure integrity testing to make sure their medication is secure until it reaches its recipient. Because of this, many leak testing and package design companies have worked to create effective leak detection equipment and containers to make sure every product can be transported safely. But despite these efforts, statistics show that demand for bulk packaging has grown sluggish since 2008, particularly in Japan, Western Europe and other highly-developed markets. However, new data suggests that the international demand for bulk packaging could increase significantly by 2018.

According to a Cleveland-based industry market research group called the Freedonia Group, accelerating growth in manufacturing activity will increase bulk packaging demand by 5% annually. This means that the industry as a whole could be worth an estimated $59.2 billion in 2018. In the United States, this growth will reportedly be driven by increased demand for food and beverage processing, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical production. These same industries are expected to increase demand in Western Europe and Japan, although to a lesser degree than the U.S.

Similarly, the Freedonia Group has predicted that certain types of bulk packaging will experience stronger growth rates: flexible bulk packaging, for example, will likely grow faster than rigid packagin, as film wrap and other flexible options have become more popular in recent years. These products are typically regarded as more efficient and advantageous when it comes to loading, unloading and storing goods. This shift will likely lead to other changes in how products are packaged and shipped, such as the increased prevalence of container closure integrity testing methods that work with flexible packaging.

When it comes to overall increases in bulk packaging, the Freedonia Group reports that developing regions like Africa, Asia and Central and South America will see the fastest gains. Unsurprisingly, China is expected to lead this group: while the country’s manufacturing sector is experiencing some deceleration, demand for goods and services will still require bulk packaging to ship and protect items in the country.

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