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Three Ways To Make The Most Of Your VoIP Services


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Voice over internet protocol (VoIP), internet telephony, broadband telephony, IP telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB)… whatever you want call it, one thing remains pretty much constant: More and more American companies rely on the internet-based telephone service or digital calling mechanism. Here are some things to remember if and when you make the switch.

First: Enjoy The Cost-Savings!

Why are these services so popular? There is one simple explanation: money. Voice over internet services, including VoIP systems and sometimes SMS messaging services, are inexpensive — especially when compared to land line telephones. “An all-you-can-eat local and long distance dialing package can cost as little as $19.95 a month,” PC World explains. Bundling internet, mobile, and telephone services is often a matter of convenience as well.

Don’t Forget About Security

The best VoIP services know that security is of utmost importance. Because all services are web-based, it is critical to keep lines private and secure. Ask providers about what, if any, lines of defense they have against potential hackers. Ask what they will do about viruses, spyware, and any other treats. Ask about their firewall programs and services.

Have A Backup Plan

The best VoIP services can be invaluable, offering traditional as well as international calling, call forwarding, voicemail and auto attendants, and call management systems. That means you must also consider the implications of having all of these services on a single server. Make sure you have internet speed that is up to the task; and consider the benefits of a backup server. Additionally, servers require electricity. Know what you will do in the event of a blackout or a loss of power. Do you have a generator or backup services to keep operations going?

So you’re joining the ranks of the 228 million businesses with VoIP. That’s great! Make the most of your services by enjoying the cost savings while also being proactive about security and backup measures. Visit here for more information.

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