SEO 27 Hipaa texting,How secure is texting,Secure texting for healthcare New Study Finds That Secure Texting Could Save the Healthcare Industry Staggering Amounts of Time

New Study Finds That Secure Texting Could Save the Healthcare Industry Staggering Amounts of Time


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According to a new study from the Ponemon Institute, hospitals could save nearly $1 million each year if they were to use secure text messaging for healthcare communications during three critical stages of workflow: admitting patient, coordinating emergency response teams, and transferring patients.

To assess how much time is wasted during these three stages and how much time could be saved with secure texting apps, the report surveyed over 400 healthcare professionals. The study found that 33 minutes on average gets wasted during patient admissions, 40 minutes gets wasted while emergency response teams are being coordinated, and 35 minutes gets wasted while patients are transferred.

Obviously, one way to minimize the economic impact of these losses and improve efficiency is to improve communications with new technologies, like HIPAA compliant messaging.

The study found that inefficient communication was to blame for 54% of the wasted time, which was valued at over $1.7 million per hospital, and over $11 billion across the industry. By using secure texting apps, the study found that hospitals could recoup half of the time that’s currently being lost. The study also found that the inability to use secure texting apps was cited by 39% of healthcare providers as the reason for inefficient communications.

What’s more, the study also found that provider-to-provider communications had glaring inefficiencies, which ultimately underscored an industry wide trend that’s had a heavy impact on the healthcare industry’s productivity.

On the upside, the study did show that healthcare professionals do recognize the need to implement better, more technologically advanced communication solutions, like secure texting apps

Estimates in the study suggest that adopting secure texting apps could save an average of 58 minutes across all three workflows. Basically, secure texting apps could fix some of the major problems plaguing the healthcare industry. Learn more at this link:

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