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Three Unexpected Ways to Kill Your Remote


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How important are your television remote controls to you? Would you protect them from your children with plastic casing? Would you hide them from your spouse? Would you put your life on the line for them?

So the last question maybe a bit over the line, but television remote controls are usually the only way to turn on your TV these days — there are usually no longer manual buttons that you can press to turn your unit on. The cable and satellite boxes are hard to operate manually as well.

The best thing to do would be to have a TV remote controls replacement company saved on speed dial, or in your web browser’s favorites menu. You never know when you will misplace the remote, or even worse, break it.

Here are a few ways you may never expect to ruin your remote.

  • Dropping It. You’re probably very careful with your remote, but if you are watching something on TV and are walking back and forth from the kitchen, you may be too engrossed in the show to realize the remote is slipping from your hand. Before you know it, the remote could be on the ground, shattered in pieces. And even if it isn’t shattered, if the infrared light (usually at the top) is broken or damaged, you will need immediate TV remote replacement.
  • The Toilet. Watching TV from the can is not uncommon, though it may sound a bit…disgusting. But you will likely be careful not to drop the remote in the toilet when you are finished. Your young children, however, are a different story. Toddlers love to roam around, pick things up, and drop them somewhere else. Don’t be surprised if your remotes end up in the toilet. If they do, none of your TV remote codes will work.
  • Letting Batteries Go Dead. Most remotes these days will warn you when the battery is low. Even though the remote will still work for a while, you shouldn’t wait too long to change the batteries. Eventually, they start to produce a white crusty substance, which usually a type of sulphate. This can be corrosive to the electronics in your remote, and cause damage.

Always be prepared for the worst case scenario when it comes to your television remote controls. But as long as you have a way to contact a remote replacement company, you can rest peacefully, knowing that you won’t miss too many of your favorite shows. Reference links.

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