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Are you looking for preventive solutions for sediment? You have come to the right place.

soil erosion and sediment runoff to waterways are significant problems in Minnesota. According to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA 2016), approximately 30 percent of the state’s rivers and streams are impaired by sediment.

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Poorly managed construction sites can be substantial sediment sources to these surface waters. Up to 100 tons of sediment per acre can be lost annually from unmanaged construction sites (EPA 1999). Regulations administered by the State of Minnesota through the construction stormwater permit program (MPCA 2013) seek to address these impacts by requiring carefully crafted sediment and erosion control plans designed to reduce polluted runoff; implementation and updating of the plan; operation and maintenance of runoff reduction measures until the site is stabilized; and significant penalties for negligence and willful violations.

Erosion is the dislodgement and movement of soil and rock by water, wind, or ice. Erosion is a natural process but can be greatly accelerated by human activity, such as clearing and grading of the land surface or disturbance of conveyance channels.

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