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Refurbished Chromebook Unboxing


In the following unboxing, we’ll check out a Lenovo Chromebook. This laptop is an ‘A grade’ refurbished Chromebook, which means that at least one of its parts was previously used.

The package condition

The package came in mint condition, with tape on the side that can be cut out using scissors. The box itself is the standard for a Chromebook.

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The contents of the box

The box came with two small protectors attached to the laptop, the laptop’s charger, and two pieces of paper about the Lenovo Chromebook.

Setting up the Chromebook

The laptop couldn’t turn, as it came without charge. The quality of the Chromebook itself is as good as new. It is in the same conditions as a brand new laptop, and it’s hard to tell that it is a refurbished product.

The size and performance of the Chromebook

The Chromebook Lenovo C340-11 81TA000BUK is small, as its dimensions are only 11.6. It is a great product that performs amazingly for its small size.

The quality of this refurbished product is outstanding. If you ever need more information about this refurbished product, you can check out this video.


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