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The Importance of Backing Up Your Phone Before an Upgrade


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The time has finally come that you are able to upgrade your phone device. You have been waiting months to turn in your beaten up and slow phone, trading it in for a newer model. You are worried about the successful transfer of your documents and photographs from your old phone to your new one. You should be able to transfer everything, but if it does not work properly, you may lose some items. Before heading to the phone supplier, consider going through and backing up all of the information on your phone. That way, you will have everything available, regardless if the phone transfer works.

Backup photographs It is likely that you have thousands of photographs on your cell phone. Even if you do not use your phone frequently for photo taking, you probably still have a couple hundred on it. You may even have some photographs that others have sent you that you would like to hold onto. Back up all of your photographs to a storage based cloud system. Also, back up your computers cloud storage. Approximately 6% of all computers experience data loss each year. It is best to be double prepared.

Backup all Gmail applications When you backup Gmail, you are also backing up all of your phone?s applications. Most applications do not transfer over to the new phone. However, if you ensure that you have all of the information, you can easily reinstall them and get back into your application?s account. It can even be helpful to connect your applications to your social media accounts. Once you install the social media account to your new phone, everything else will be connected and backed up.

Backup Google apps mailbox Gmail is one of the most commonly used Email platforms today. People enjoy the ease and the convenience that it offers. Many businesses even use Gmail as their business account Email platform. You can easily set up your existing Gmail account onto your new phone, but all of your Emails and Email drafts may not transfer over, which can be a problem for people who use it for their business. Approximately 24.29% of Americans use Gmail during work hours. Ensure that your backup Gmail account is also correctly saved to prevent needing a Google recovery, which is not always successful.

Back up any document storage Google phones provide users with an easy platform for storing documents. Those who use it for business purposes may have multiple work related documents stored into their phones. Depending on how long this storage device has been used, you may not even have access to the hard copies anymore. A backup Google drive can help you hold onto these documents. Also, backing them up from cloud to cloud ensures that you have access to them, even if something happens with your businesses cloud storage.

Double check your backup Do not simply backup your device and then run to the phone supplier. Sometimes, backups do not work properly and need to be restarted. In fact, of those businesses that do back up their data, 34% never test their back ups and of those that do, 77% are found to not work. If you have already deleted your information, you may need a Google recovery or Google photos recovery program, which should also be tested.

Most cell phone carriers allow customers to upgrade phones every couple of years. This is because phones simply do not work as well after a year or two. When your phone begins to slow down, and especially before you take it in for an upgrade, ensure that all of your information is properly backed up. Test the backup, and if it did not work successfully, consider using a Google recovery program. Google recovery programs allow you to obtain recently lost information and docments.

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