SEO 27 Business phone systems,Fiber structured cabling,Hosted phone systems delaware The Advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol for Your Business

The Advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol for Your Business


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Ideally, a business is a well-oiled machine with a limitless number of cogs, switches, and levers that all must work harmoniously in order for the whole thing to function. Unfortunately, the reality is bleak by comparison as many young businesses face issues concerning productivity and communication that could threaten to break them. As businesses grow they will encounter unexpected problems and concerns that they may not once have had. The need for better infrastructure lies at the heart of these problems; by providing the tools, any business can operate ideally like that machine.

The Value of a Company’s Network Infrastructure

With the prominence of the internet in the workplace, it is no surprise to learn that e-commerce generates roughly a billion in sales every 30 seconds. Entire corporate empires have been founded overnight thanks to the internet’s resources. Across the United States there is an average of 11 million meetings every single day, many of which involve video conferencing or a telephone call. Many companies require their employees to keep a work email account and use it daily to send files and communicate with co-workers regarding work. With so much riding on the ability of a business to stay plugged it, it begs the question of why so many businesses choose an inferior method to provide network infrastructure.

Extra Security: Your Business’ Need for Video Surveillance

In addition to outdated internet and telephone services, many businesses are found lacking in the security department. The United States Chamber of Commerce estimates that employee theft costs employers an average of between $20 billion and $40 billion every year; in many cases this is due to a lack of security or an oversight by the employer in some way. Even businesses with traditional closed circuit video surveillance systems have their limitations; more modern camera systems include added features such as remote access from one’s mobile device — this can help eliminate theft and losses by up to 80% while simultaneously improving employee productivity. Poor resolution can also hamper police efforts in the case of theft, thus employers are encouraged to have Cloud-connected security cameras with resolutions between 720 or 1080 pixels for the cleanest resolution.

The Benefit of a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service

VoIP involves the delivery of voice services via telephone as well as other multimedia services through the internet rather than a traditional phone line. Not only is VoIP a faster, more reliable way to keep businesses in constant communication, it is also cheaper than traditional phone services; by replacing a phone line with VoIP, companies can save between 20% and 50% on their monthly phone bills. Included with VoIP packages are a variety of other communicative services, the cordless WiFi phone systems allow for increased productivity and more concise communications through mobile access and user tools. A VoIP system can be paired with Cloud access which can act as a backup for employee emails, a medium for conferencing, a place for file sharing, and a home for video surveillance footage, giving employers an added level of security over old-school video taping. Allow your business to thrive by ensuring its network infrastructure is up to date with modern VoIP technology.

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