6 Considerations to Make Before Wiring Your Home with Cat6 Ethernet Cable


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While many people are moving to only wireless connections in their home, others are looking for more reliable connections with cable. Cat6 ethernet cables offer some real advantages over previous generations such as cat5e cables and cat5 ethernet cables. If you are planning to connect some of your devices via cat6 ethernet cables, there are some decisions that need to be made before you start your project.

  1. Look at the rooms that will need the cabling. If you have televisions in each room, you may want to run cable to all of those areas. Look at the technology in your home that needs to have the cat6 ethernet cables run to them. You can buy cat6 ethernet cable in bulk so that should cut some of the costs of the cable if you have more rooms that need to have cabled connections.
  2. Decide on the number of ports each spot will need. Again look at the amount of technology that will need the cables. Many people have several gaming centers and internet ready devices for their televisions that can benefit from a connection over a cat6 ethernet cable. Looking at this before you head to the store will help you avoid frustrating return trips to get everything you will need to correctly cable your home the way you want to make the most of the faster connections that some along with cat6 ethernet cables.
  3. Consider where you will house your equipment. Look at where your cable or internet enters your home. Look at the entry point into your house or apartment. Make sure you have enough space for all of your equipment. The cables take up space, too so that is a consideration that needs to be made when you decide where you will have the central distribution point of your home internet connections.
  4. Determine the route your cat6 ethernet cables will take around your home. This can be a challenging decision to make. This also will probably take some creativity. If your home has a basement or an attic, those can be good spaces to run the cable. If you do not have either or need to cable a multi-story house, you will have to spend some time on the best route your cable can take from your modem to the various spaces that you want cabled connections.
  5. Loom at how much cable you will need. To get the optimum speed from your cat6 ethernet cables, you need to keep the length at 300 feet or less. Most homes do not need to have cables that are longer than this but it is a good idea to keep that distance in mind when buying your cat6 ethernet cables.
  6. Think about how fast your connections need to be. This will be a main factor in what type of switch you buy and is mainly determined by what kinds of things you and your family use the internet for. If you do a lot of file sharing, internet gaming, streaming video and the like, you would be best served by getting one that support speeds of one gigabit. Luckily, these are not all of that expensive so it worth it to get the extra speed.

While putting down bulk category 6 ethernet cables throughout your home may be a tedious thing to accomplish, there are benefits to the added speed of using wired connections for the devices in your home that can receive the internet that way. If you do a lot of gaming and other internet intensive activities, you may want to go back to a wired connection to have a better experience. If you have a number of people in your home, wiring the connections that can be connected with cables can improve everyone’s experience on the internet. It just depends on how many people you have in your home and what you are your family mostly use the internet for.





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