Three Benefits of Cloud Use in Business


Cloud broker services

The cloud is a metaphysical replacement for the bulky data centers that once haunted corporate basements. Using the power of the internet, businesses can create their own servers using the cloud; here are three ways that the cloud can help businesses.

Faster Business

Over half of all businesses use the cloud to seamlessly share data across various devices and applications; as we move forward towards a cord-free world, the cloud help to free up devices that were once limited to a geographic location. Up to 59% of large enterprises say they use cloud communications because it significantly improves the integration between development and operations, cutting down on the cost and time it would have once taken to complete assignments.

Information Technology

Network support has seen a healthy growth in interest over the last few decades as IT training has skyrocketed. Today, up to 35% of IT services are delivered through the cloud. Again, half of all companies develop their IT security talent through improved training investments via the cloud — this can lower the cost of IT services within a company while sacrificing none of the support benefits over traditional “IT guys.”

Secure Storage

Instead of using your computer or a data center to store and access applications, businesses are using the cloud as a digital vault. Despite security protocols, like any vault there are always those looking to break in and make off with the goods. Up to 60% of companies use the public cloud, which is far less secure than the private cloud. Approximately 57% of companies use the private cloud and 19% have adopted a hybrid cloud service through cloud brokerage services. Cloud brokerage services take the time to understand the needs and goals of every business, allowing them to consult with cloud software businesses to create a cloud model that works for each unique business. For those looking for a solution to IT training, looking to improve network communication, or just looking for a more secure way to store sensitive corporate information, cloud services brokers are the ideal solution.

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