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When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Companies Internet Marketing Goals?


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Search engine optimization is the way that companies dominate keywords used for internet searches and make sure that they do the best job of content marketing at the same time. From making sure that you own the important words like pumpkins and costumes on this last weekend before Halloween, to making sure that you anticipate what the keywords will be for searches in the upcoming months, content marketing can help your business move to the top of any internet search.
Internet marketing companies, for instance, know that even though your products and services may center on food packaging products and platforms, it is important during the month of October to direct their writers to create content that talks about candy. From the safe packaging of candy that many parents are concerned for to making sure that environmentally friendly packaging is still talking about the treats that children will be seeking on the last day of the month, it is important to marry content marketing with current holidays or other recent news events.
Whether your company is trying to promote a new store location or a new line of items that you are carrying, it is important to work with a search engine marketing team that understands the latest and lasting trends that are crucial to internet marketing success. Consider some of these facts and figures about the research that internet marketing firms rely on as they design new websites for their customers and implement other successful strategies:

  • Consultants for the top internet marketing firms know that 72% of marketers across the world indicate that creating relevant content is the most effective current SEO strategy.
  • Online trends and key search words change. In fact, research shows that Google updates its algorithm an estimated 500 to 600 times a year.
  • Network marketing takes these changes into account is constantly creating new organic content to capture the latest top search engine words.
  • The most recent research shows that an estimated 50% of mobile phone owners use their phone as their primary internet source, so it is important to have a website that is easy to navigate on a phone screen.
  • Estimates show that 60% of all organic clicks go to the organic top three search results, according to Business2Community survey data.
  • No one wants to be reading content about Easter the week before Halloween, so it is important that your marketing provider is constantly making sure that your content is current.
  • The latest research trends show that content marketing can lead to an estimated 40% increase in revenue.

Every SEO firm knows that CONTENT matters. Making sure that the organic content that your SEO marketing team creates is both compelling and timely is an essential strategy in today’s competitive sales world.

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